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Alice Donut fans are a lazy and half-arsed bunch at the best of times but ask them to cover the music they love the most and, rather than suddenly springing into a flurry of movement, writing and recording, they become even more slothful and catatonic. Still, look on the brightside, they'll never start a war. Here then are the efforts of such types, who did manage to get their shit together long enough to put something onto MP3. Do you have an Alice Donut cover version kicking around on a dusty MP3? We'd love to hear it, get in touch on the Message Board.


2007 Project
Cover Art
(right click to download)
My Best Friends Wife BURST PISTIL
Running Arms in the Phillipines Fallen Penny
Good Pasta Giant Albino Penguin
Roaches in the Pappy Black Adam and his Elders
Severed Pieces of Me Negative Worm
Mummenshantz Pachinko Giant Albino Penguin
Shining Path WATER
2010 Project
Cover Art
(right click to download)
Dead River Negative Worm
Great Big Big Big Head Bill-E-Bob
Big Ass Jay Del Guidice
Demonologist Bigassbob
Egg Idahogwen
American Dub The Depths featuring IdahoGwen
Come up With Your Hands Out Burst Pistil
Hang the Dog Drei
Mason Reese Olla de Gringos
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