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Albums  - Alice Donut

Alice Donut, Fuzz FUZZ
Alice Donut, 3 Sisters Three Sisters
Alice Donut, Pure Acid Park Pure Acid Park
Alice Donut, Dry Humping the Cash Cow Dry-Humping the Cash Cow
Alice Donut, The Untidy Suicide of Your Degenerate Children The Untidy Suicides Of Your Degenerate Children
Alice Donut, The Biggest Ass The Biggest ASS
Alice Donut, Revenge Fantasies of the Impotent Revenge Fantasies Of The Impotent
Alice Donut, Mule Mule
Alice Donut, Bucket full of Sickness in an otherwise meaningless life Bucketfulls Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless
Alice Donut, Donut comes Alive Donut Comes Alive
Alice Donut, Dork me Bangladesh Dork me bangladesh
Singles - Alice Donut

Howler holiday tonic Howler Records
Holiday Hangover Tonic
Alice Donut Singles: In Defense of Animals (Compilation) In Defense of Animals (Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: Split single with Killdozer, Michael Gerald's Party Music Michael Gerald’s Party Machine (Split single with Killdozer)
Alice Donut Singles: Nadine Nadine
Alice Donut Singles: Dumb Rock Vol 7. The Disco Years Compilation Dumb Rock Vol. 9 & 10: The Disco Years (Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: Pandemonic Compilation Pandemonic (Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: Tommy in 7 Minutes Compilation Dumb Rock Vol. 5: Tommy in 7 Minutes (Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: Split Single with Ice Princess Bottom of the Chain / Blood on the Tundra (Split single with Iceprincess)
Alice Donut Singles: Medication Medication
Alice Donut Singles: Virus 100 (Dead Kennedys tribute compilation Virus 100 (Dead Kennedys Tribute Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: Something's gone wrong again (Buzzcocks tribute compilation) Something’s Gone Wrong Again (Buzzcocks Tribute Compilqation)
Alice Donut Singles: Magdalene Magdalene
Alice Donut Singles: My Companian Compilation My Companion (Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: Teriyaki Asthma Vol1. Compilation Teriyaki Asthma Vol. 4 (Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: Split Single with Da Willys Love Roller Coaster / Egg (Split Single with da willys)
Alice Donut Singles: Get a Life Get a Life
Alice Donut Singles: Oops! Wrong Stereotype Compilation Oops! Wrong Stereotype (Compilation)
Alice Donut Singles: My boyfriend's back My Boyfriend’s Back
Alice Donut Singles: Mr Hayes Mr. Hayes Gimp Leg
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