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The First 20 Years of Alice Donut, 2004-2006
1. Birth
2. Bucket
3. Mule
4. Untidy
5. Dryhump
6. Chicken Door
7. Acid
8. lost years
9. sisters

September 2006, Howler Records

Tomas Antona
Michael Jung
Dave Giffen
Stephen Moses
Sissi Schulmeister

“A penchant for penning melodic tunes that stick in your brain like a stainless steel scalpel knife.”  - AMG

“Every so often…reviewers find that 1% of beauty, which completely catches them off guard and confuses them with revitalizing astonishment.  Alice Donut’s new album, Fuzz, falls in that 1% of greatness, combining mesmerizing song-writing with unpredictability and originality.” - The Yellow Rake

Michael Jung, Tomas Antona Michael Jung, Stephen Moses, Sissi Schulmeister
Tomas Antona, Gijes Tomas Antona, Sissi Schulmeister, Austin, SXSW 2004
Dave Giffen, Tomas Antona, Michael Jung, Ron Burman Sissi Schulmeister
Germany, the Ex, Nomeansno, Alice Donut Michael Jung, Stephen Moses Trombone
Live in Berlin Festival Dave Giffen
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