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The First 20 Years of Alice Donut, 1988-1989
1. Birth
2. Bucket
3. Mule
4. Untidy
5. Dryhump
6. Chicken Door
7. Acid
8. lost years
9. sisters
Bucketfulls Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life
1989, Alternative Tentacles Records

Tomas Antona
Dave Giffen
Michael Jung
Ted Houghton
Stephen Moses

“Rock Album of the Week: Alice Donut, Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life.
Among the millions of suburban males who grew up with too much Led Zeppelin during their formative years, the members of Alice Donut have found a constructive outlet by making music. The band’s songs combine the Zeppelin lurch and crunch with bratty, smart-alecky, occasionally foul-mouthed but usually right-thinking lyrics, sung in an urgent whine by Tomas Antona. The songs ricochet from self-loathing to bitter amusement to self-righteous annoyance (as in “Testosterone Gone Wild”), as they bash and squall to battle a tempting complacency." - John Pareles, The New York Times

Tomas Antona & Michael Jung Stephen Moses & Ted
Michael Jung & Tomas Antona
Tomas Antona
Dave Giffen  
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