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The First 20 Years of Alice Donut, 1994-1995, with Jello Biafra
1. Birth
2. Bucket
3. Mule
4. Untidy
5. Dryhump
6. Chicken Door
7. Acid
8. lost years
9. sisters
Chicken Door Chicken Door
1994, Alternative Tentacles Records

Tomas Antona
Dave Giffen
Michael Jung
Richard Mather Marshall IV
Stephen Moses
Sissi Schulmeister

“Imagine if Frank Black was suddenly possessed by the ghost of G. G. Allin with ADT syndrome, and you’d be close to describing the sonic assault unleashed by this band."- Subba Cultcha

“Really loud-ass, arena- ready psyche n’ rollers, with big greasy dollops of punk and hard rock, sprinkled liberally with free jazz, country, fucked-up backwards blooze, and tweakedout bits of random weirdness…sleazy fucked-up dope rock, with lyrics about murder and mayhem and weird sex… like Seattle flannel-glam with better drugs! Like Jane's Addiction, only not so fuckin’ gay!” - SleazeGrinder

Tomas Antona Sissi Schulmeister, Stephen Moses, Richard Marshal live at CBGBs
Michael Jung, Tomas Antona, Stephen  Moses, Blind Melon tour, San Francisco Blind Melon's Brad Smith, Sissi Schulmeister & Mea Puppets Chris Kirkwood
Stephen Moses , Tomas Antona & Sissi Schulmeister Chet Mazur, Tomas Antona, San Francisco
Blind Melon's Rogers Stevens, Shannon Hoon & Tomas Antona Steohen Moses
Michael Jung & Nomeansno Tom Holliston Sissi Schulmeister, Salzburg, Austria
Stephen Moses in LA  
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