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The First 20 Years of Alice Donut, 1991-1992
1. Birth
2. Bucket
3. Mule
4. Untidy
5. Dryhump
6. Chicken Door
7. Acid
8. lost years
9. sisters
Dry  Humping the Cash Cow                    Humping the Cash Cow Dry Humping the Cash Cow
Live at CBGB, 1994, Alternative Tentacles Records

Tomas Antona
Michael Jung
Richard Marshall
Stephen Moses
Sissi Schulmeister

“If a band's greatness is judged by their live performances, then slide this slab of mocha chocolate-chip cheesecake [Dry Humping the Cash Cow] down to Alice Donut's side of the table. This riotous live recording demonstrates the group's tendency to warp all convention with their bizarro assortment of grooves and vocalist Sissi's aura of demented invincibility. "Hose" and "Helter Skelter" are sheer inspiration, while "Dead River" splatters the listener with muddy, psychedelic blues."- Mag Pie Weekly

Michael Jung Live at the Lowland Festival, Richard Marshal
Stephen Moses & 7 year bitch Sissi Schulmeister & Richard Marshal, Japan
Lowland Festival, Holland Japan, with Tada Hirano from Ultra Bide
Reading Festival, Chet Mazur Michael Jung
Japan, Tomas Antona Japan, Tomas Antona, Sissi  Schulmeister, Manager Ron Burman & friends
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