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The First 20 Years of Alice Donut, 2002-2004
1. Birth
2. Bucket
3. Mule
4. Untidy
5. Dryhump
6. Chicken Door
7. Acid
8. lost years
9. sisters
Pure Acid Park Three Sisters
2003, Howler Records

Tomas Antona
Michael Jung
Stephen Moses
Sissi Schulmeister

“In a lot of ways, the Donuts fulfill the rock’n’roll ideal, charged with energy, condemning convention, pointed towards the
ultimate goal of exposing their album and their sound to as many people as possible." - Alternative Press

"Back in the early '90s, Alice Donut shows were the most decadent punk rock-fueled all-out orgies I ever witnessed. Classic records like Mule, Donut Comes Alive and The Biggest Ass were thrilling. And when The Untidy Suicides of Your Degenerate Children was released in 1992's height of Alternative Nation, it even seemed that the band would get big. (Fortunately that didn't happen. As much as I love them, I would be worried to live in a world where Alice Donut received mass mainstream success). The band broke up in 1996 but is back with Three Sisters. The result of the reunion is a record that shows the warped Donut sensibility is intact. The music is driving and intense, and the lyrics are twisted and delivered straight (which makes them that much more disturbing)." - Creem.com

Sissi Schulmeister, Dave Giffen Sissi Schulmeister and Stephen Moses
Tomas Antona, Sissi Schulmeister, Micael Jung, Stephen Moses Tomas Antona
Stephen Moses , Dave Giffen Sissi Schulmeister, Michael Jung, Dave Giffen
Tomas Antona Michael Jung, Tomas Antona
Live in amsterdam, melkweg Michael Jung
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